McIntosh MC2300 uses in todays world

I have a MC2300 that I have owned for over 25 years. I recentlry built a 15" subwoofer and was planning to use it as the amplifier to drive this.

I re-capped the unit several months ago as it prodcing humm at idle, which is not an easy task due to some tight spaces.

Thought on the MC2300 as a sub-amp?
I love the idea of making it a Mono sub amp, the MC2300 is a beast. If you tried to buy a 300wx2 power amp from Mac today you wouldnt like the price.Also, these 2300 amps are worth around $1000 to $2000 depending on condition. Hmmmm.

LOL in your dreams, they cost between 2500-3500.00 Working.

All dolled up and sequential serial numbers, 35-4500.00

Bass duty? They will do bass duty all right...That and the MC2500 were some of the best EVER made when it comes to reliability, and POWER..

Sure make an electric meter spin, and they could warm up a room if you really push them.. Can also strap those things too, and 1-2 ohm stable..

1000. dollars... The case maybe...