McIntosh MC252 vs. MC352

I'm looking to purchase one of these McIntosh amplifiers-preowned. They are approx. the same price (<$3K). Outside of power (250-wpc vs.350-wpc), which one sounds better? I'm planning to run a Mark Levinson 390s (CD Player w/built-in vol. control) directly into the Amp., then out into a pair of Wilson Duette speakers. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Again, sound quality not quanity, is most important.
I have heard both a few times but never side-by-side... I feel that the 252 is a little faster and a little more detailed in the top end. The 352 is quite smooth and sounds more effortless but the 252 is more "hifi" overall without being cold and analytical. Same applies to the 402 versus the 352 IMO. If it were me, I would get a 252 for sure but it will depend on personal taste and system synergy. I have read that the Duettes are less ruthless than previous Wilsons so the 252 sounds like the better choice there too.

Same animal-different face plate and lighting. 352 more watts with bulbs. 252 less watts with LEDs. LED light kit is available for the 352.
If your room isnt too large I wouldnt bother with either, Ive tried the 390s direct and it sounded lean with the Mcintosh. The new silk tweeters on the Duette would sing with tubes and I think the Mcintosh MA2275 integrated would be a better choice. Others may disagree but for my taste tubes just cant be beat. If you have the budget swap out the stock kt88's for gold lions, and the 2 12at7 with a pair of telefunken ecc801s. Good luck!
the quality of sound would be the same, but the power of the 352 pretty much will 'control' the bass of ANY conventional loudspeaker. both products are exceptional.
Correction-the 252 is not quad balanced. The 352 and 402 are. S/N ratio is higher on the 352 than the 252. Check out the McIntosh site. I have owned the 352 and it is a great amp.