McIntosh MC275Mk4 with a pre or Mcintosh 6900?

I used to run my Mcintosh MC275 with Mcintosh MHT100 as a pre, which probably wasn't a very good idea - now in my new apartment MHT100 stays with the home theater set up in the living room and MC275 moves to the study as a possible basis of the new stereo system. I'm considering Sonus Faber Cremona Auditors as speakers. The question is: should I add a pre (which one? I have no clue) or sell MC275 and buy my old dream integrated amp - Mcintosh 6900? The latest solution is obviously cheaper but will it give me a better sound? I know it's the same old tubes vs solid state question but another thing is that I'm looking for a more dynamic, rocking sound lately...
Think you just asnwered your own question.Buy the SS unit.I used to sell it and loved it.Both actually but again for dynamics,bass control,less hassle it's way to go.If you only had one system miht be harder to answer and would say how much will you miss tube euphonics and mids and might say get a tube pre (both are worth their asking price) and used MC352 or other balanced recent amp.but if splliting time and using both for muisc go for 6900 per you own states as of late and saving money.
I assume your study is a small room, stay with the mc275. Cremonas with tubes in a cozy 120 sq ft room, doesnt get any better. Try a few differnt preamps, Cary slp98, Joule la100, so many good choices here. You probably dont even know how good your mc275 is because of the MHT100 as a preamp..your in for a treat!

don't get too carried away with the 275. i own one. it sounds like a solid state amp. yes it does have tubes. you would never realize this by listening to the amp.

if you like solid state, buy solid state.
the 6900 has autoformers, and compared to some ss brands is more tubelike. the mc275 with a c220 would also be a killer combo. i use the 275 with a c22 and it is excellent, even on power hungry gradients.