McIntosh MC402 - Best tube preamp?

I'm in process of upgrading my main system. Looking for opinions on a good used tube preamp based upon these more primary components.

-McIntosh MC402 [used unit soon to be acquired]
-Yamaha CX1000U preamp [now ganged w/ Yamaha MX1000U amp]
-Art Audio Vinyl One phono preamp
-SOTA Nova - lastest version table incl. the SOTA clamp
-Origin Live - Illustrious tone arm
-Shelter 90x cart
-PS Audio P500 Power Regenerator
-Music Hall Maverick SACD [upgraded version]
-Cables are all higher end with AudioQuest Cobra being the lowest grade
-Two sets of vintage McIntosh XR7 loudspeakers with the McIntosh MQ107 Environmental Equalizer [will be looking to upgrade from these when I can although they are all mechanically mint and sound terrific] and one pair of JBL L65 Jubals
-Dedicated 20amp home receptacle

-I am particular to vinyl
-I have tastes in more refined blues, quality rock, jazz

My quess is that one of the Mac tube preamps would be best but I'm trying to keep my cost for a quality used unit in the $2500-$3000 range.

Suggestions? Thanks.
I consider Hovland, VTL, Conrad-Johnson and Herron to all be superior to the Mac.
Wpines, Soundlock is not wrong about the Magtech. I is powerful and outstanding. I reviewed it on Dagogo and kept it. It does take forever to breakin not withstanding Roger Sander's opinion and if turned off takes three hours to reach its best. At 800 watt per side into 4 ohms, nobody needs more power but it is also silent. I sells like gangbusters in Europe.
My vote is for the McIntosh C2300 tube preamp. I also have the 402 amp. Some of the reasons I love the C2300...You can use the C2300 remote function to turn the 402 on and off. The phono preamp in the C2300 is wonderful, and it is fully adjustable with the remote control. You can sit in your listening chair and make adjustments by ear! Also the connectivity is amazing to include a home theater pass through. If you like the McIntosh look, combined with the 402 it is gorgeous. Also with this tube amp and the 402 you get full dual differential fully balanced performance, which translates to more music and virtually zero noise. In fact I can turn the gain up full blast with no signal on the C2300 and it is SILENT. Other preamps by some top companies make a wooshing noise or you here some type of noise when you do the same.

I have had many other preamps connected, some much more expensive than the McIntosh. None of them brought me the satisfaction of the McIntosh. But that's what is fun about this hobby. Try, buy, sell..repeat! And enjoy your music and the fun of all this nonsense.