McIntosh MC611and MC1.25KW-how do they sound compared to 601's and 1.2KW

Long time selling and buying on Agon but first time positing.  Just sold my 1201's and was planning to upgrade to the 611's or the 1.25KW's. However, I am on hold now as I have heard from two sources that McIntosh has "re-voiced" the amps.  Both guys felt the high end was hard and difficult to listen to at anything above a whisper. Both guys sold their 1.25KW's within weeks. Does anyone have any experience either comparing these new amps to their predecessors and/or with similar mono blocks?

I really enjoyed the 1201's with my speakers. Just decided to change as we were moving and had to crate them up anyway. 

I have DynAudio C4 Platinum Confidence speakers, McIntosh C1100 pre. Linn TT with the full boat Linn treatment, etc. 

Any advice or insight would be appreciated. 
I have had a pair of MC1000's in my main listening room for 15 years. They are flawless and sound great.I recently decided to purchase a brand new pair of MC1.25KW's .The only way to describe them is "nothing short of spectacular ".l'm using them to drive a pair of original Infinity 9 Kappa's using C50 pre amp MCD600 cd player .l played Andrea Bocelli "l found my love in Porto Fino" for my wife and she stared crying and said "it sounded like l was there.My audiophile friends are astonished at the sound of these amps and so am l.Every time l use them it's a real treat.One thing l must say most products over time get cheaper and lighter. ....not the case here! Got to tip your hat to Mcintosh...truly amazing audio gear.
15% price increase on the mc462
in Ontario it’s now $15200 to buy one .....
That amp is $9000 US. CAN retail should not exceed $12k. $15,200 CAN is way over priced, show elsewhere if this dealer is not willing to come down below $12k man. I am in Vancouver and our local Mac dealer over inflates stating exchange as the cause on their prices too, its really annoying.