mcintosh mcd 301vs 201

I want to buy a mcintosh cd player used so i will not be able to audition it before. Does anyone know the difference (exept the price) between this 2 cd. i have a mcintosh ma6500 amp and canton ergo 695 speaker....
I have owned 2 McIntosh CDP's in the past (MCD201 & MVP871). Did not care for either, even though they were used in a McIntosh system. There are much better players out there for the same price. Just my opinion.
If I understand correctly the McIntosh sales literature, both players use the same DAC and transport.
The transport reads at 4x speed and corrects errors on the fly.
The MCD 301 implements a cast aluminum box surrounding the transport, in order to reduce motor noise.

I have auditioned an MCD 201 and for the price, it is an excellent sounding CD player, even better on SACD.