McIntosh MCD12000 vs. Luxman D-10X vs. Technics SL-G700M2


Has anyone heard the McIntosh MCD12000, the Luxman D-10X and the Technics SL-G700M2?

If yes, what are the differences? and which do you prefers and why?

I am about to purchase a Technics SL-G700M2 this week, but now thinking whether I should cancel and purchase either the MCD12000 or the Luxman D-10X instead.

I understand the Technics SL-G700M2 is a much lower cost, but I am hoping someone who had listens to all 3 SACD players above can provide me with an insight on how they differs.

Thank you



I have actually heard all 3 players, all at shows or in a dealer showroom.  The problem is that these auditions were all separated by significant lengths of time and different listening environments, differing partnering components, etc.  So with that in mind, my favorite was the Technics.  The Mac had a big sound but kind of diffuse placement of instruments (this perhaps was influenced by the Sonys Farber pairing speakers).  The Technics had more etched sound, where I felt I could place the instruments in space.  The Lux was somewhere in between and sounded a bit tubey. 
  I didn’t buy any, as my lust for a new SACD player abated, but the Technics is the best value of those 3.

Just curious, but is there a reason you're not considering the other Luxman players, the 07x and the 03x, a bit closer in price point to the Technics?

Thank you for the information @mahler123 , really appreciate your insight.

@twoleftears , I am only interested in the top of the line model for the SACD player, from either Luxman, McIntosh or Technics. The Luxman D-10X cost is still manageable.

The Technics because I also owned and happy with the ST-G30 music server, plus The SL-G700M2 also accept streaming services.

The McIntosh because I can order a matching 75th anniversary edition of MCD12000 to match my MA12000 75th anniversary edition integrated amp, and on paper, the MCD12000 seemed to have the most capable DAC courtesy of their dual ESS SABRE ES9038PRO DAC. However, I read many technical issues, when they were just launch this model. I hope it’s already fixed but still concerning.

The Luxman D-10X because the glowing review of happy owners, and the build quality seemed super high, with gorgeous aesthetics. However, it had been more than 4 years since it was launch so I worry, newer model will be release by Luxman soon.

I am trying to gather all the information in relation to sound before my decision due end of this week, but right now I am still leaning towards the Technics.


You probably will land a fine sounding piece regardless of your choice, but the Tecnics makes even more sense after the issues that you raised