Mcintosh mx136 vs Mcintosh Mx150

Did someone had experience with both of those preamps?
Which one has better sound?
Is what i belive but i need more toughs from other people too before to get a Mx150.

I am not a 100% sure, but I believe the MX136 was that last Pre-pro to have a true analog in analog out circuit path. My understanding is the MX150 runs everything thru the digital processing to the outputs. I guess the thought is to have all signals available to process for room correction. You might give McIntosh or the guys at Audio Classics a call to confirm.
i had owned a number of Pre-pros from C39 thru MX135, then changed over to a D2v Anthem Statement. I miss the analog pass thru for the 6 Channel. 
As far as making comparisons, I have heard and watched both 136 & 150 but not in a manner to make comparisons. One thing to be concerned with as the MX136 is pretty old in "digital years" so the HDMI , MAY NOT have what you need if intermixing today's video products, but I don't know on that.
Thank you. From i know the true analog sound lot better compare with digital sound, to my opinion.

I've found that my MX 136 has an excellent phono section which produces a deep and wide sound stage. Low level detail ( room ambience) is clearly reproduced and the soundstage is both wide and deep. I do use the pure stereo mode and find that this preamp is sonically very neutral and very quiet. I do not route video through my MX 136 as the HDMI circuits are Version1 and do not handle audio.