Mcintosh mx136 vs Mcintosh Mx150

Did someone had experience with both of those preamps?
Which one has better sound?
Thank you. From i know the true analog sound lot better compare with digital sound, to my opinion.

I've found that my MX 136 has an excellent phono section which produces a deep and wide sound stage. Low level detail ( room ambience) is clearly reproduced and the soundstage is both wide and deep. I do use the pure stereo mode and find that this preamp is sonically very neutral and very quiet. I do not route video through my MX 136 as the HDMI circuits are Version1 and do not handle audio. 
Right now im running an older MX-120 in 2 channel paired with Mcintosh XRT-28 speakers and the sound is not lacking in any area,the MX compares very well against my C-2200 and C-2500 which are both tube models and an MX-19 that was such a low price i just had to buy it , im new to Mcintosh pre pros for theater but have ran them for years as 2 channel units & found them to sound great all the way back to the C-39 .