McIntosh Mx151 vs. Krell Foundation vs Arcam AV 860

Hell all.  I'm in the process of building a nice HT and Audio system.  I decided on the Sonus Faber Evolution and a matching Amati Futura Center speaker.  I need to decide on an amp and AV processor.  I would like some insight on with to chose:

Taking a poll with people in the know: of the three which would give me the best pairing/performance.


Im open other suggestions as well. 
I have a McIntosh MX136 and MX121 and have had a MX120. They have all worked flawlessly. I also have had 3 Arcam HT processors and all 3 died. Never again Arcam for me. I have never owned Krell.
I still own the MX121, but recently swapped it out for the Anthem AVM60.  The one challenge I have with McIntosh and HT, is they havne't quite embraced the capabilities of modules and firmware upgrades.  When you're dropping $5k plus on a HT pre, inability to upgrade it with firmware or modules, it creates a Stockholm Syndrome mentality.  I'm not advocating to not go with McIntosh, just know that the code/features within the chassis will be its forever limit.  Being that HT is super dynamic in new technologies vs. straight 2-channel, this is now a consideration I evaluate.  

I suppose one might say that's the game you play; which I concur in the $1k-$2k range, but as a consumer, I expect more for a $6k HT preamp.  As a FYI, and I hope I don't get flagged, The Music Room has a used MX151.  After stating everything I just stated, if you can pick a used one up, you will not be disappointed with that piece.  It has Dolby Atmos and also has the MEN220 built into it, which is worth its weight in gold for room correction.  I've ran one in my 2-channel setup, unbelievable.

 Many places are blowing out the higher end Marantz models, to make room for the new stuff.  I've owned one and I liked the sound signature on it.  The Anthem AVM60 is pretty slick, especially with room correction.  You get a visualization of the peaks, so it's helpful if you move into getting room treatments, I don't know if the output visualizations are available with the MX151.  As far as sound, with movies it's great, but I don't use it for 2-channel listening, as I have a separate system for that.