Mcintosh pre amp pricing

I'm looking for a used c53, then adjusted to bing open to a used c52, now looking for even a c50- older and older units- yet- the asking prices and inflexibility of the sellers is insane. People asking for 80% of MSRP for 5 year old units, close to the same for ten year old units- the difference in msrp and technology across these three models is huge yet sellers of ten year old c50's are asking for what they listed for a decade ago???

Sellers with no selling history demanding PayPal Friends and Family  so the buyer has no purchase coverage.


These models are nice but they ain't worth anywhere near what people are trying get for them in my opinion.


@testpilot the price is what the market accepts.

And I sold my C2600 a few years ago for 95% of list via an eBay auction.  My lesson was McIntosh maintains there price because folks who like McIntosh  feel they are worth it.

Considering Mac them selves had a special this past year trading in any older model for 75% of original retail. That's also keeping used prices up. MAC also have traditionally been one of the best manufacturers for holding resale value.

good thing is your buying into a brand that you can get your money out of when you sell down the road. 

I can sell my MC7270 and C220 the same price after 20yrs and 5yrs now.. just good quality and keeps their value.  Buy one, enjoy, if you need a change resell, and no value change.. Bulb burnt out twice on my MC7270 and replace tubes on C220 that is the money I put into.

Fair market value is determined by what a similarly motivated buyer and seller agree to- not by asking prices.