Mcintosh pre amp pricing

I'm looking for a used c53, then adjusted to bing open to a used c52, now looking for even a c50- older and older units- yet- the asking prices and inflexibility of the sellers is insane. People asking for 80% of MSRP for 5 year old units, close to the same for ten year old units- the difference in msrp and technology across these three models is huge yet sellers of ten year old c50's are asking for what they listed for a decade ago???

Sellers with no selling history demanding PayPal Friends and Family  so the buyer has no purchase coverage.


These models are nice but they ain't worth anywhere near what people are trying get for them in my opinion.


I bought a new McIntosh integrated amp in March 2023 for about 10% off retail from my local dealer. There were three other used units for sale at the time on eBay and Audiogon that I considered. Two were priced at about 65-80% of new. The third was priced not far off of what I paid for my new unit. I watched the ads/auction of all three used ones even after I bought my new unit just to see how quickly the used units left the market.


The used one on eBay sold quickly and the other one on this website no longer appeared after a short time (I can only assume it sold since there was time/days left on the ad). The third unit is STILL for sale at its higher price, though a few hundred has come off the unit’s price since I looked at it nearly a year ago. Is that one then really "for sale" if it has not sold in 10 months?

So, the market always speaks.

@speedthrills - Keep watching and working on finding a C53; you will find one to your liking - it just takes a bit of time since there are not too many of these around at any one time. I have one and it’s a great preamp! Good luck!


Thanks everyone, I bought a mint c53 from Audio Classics yesterday with a warranty and at a reasonable (for this unit) price. Looking forward to getting it friday and hooking it up to my 462.

Congratulations on the purchase. I have been eyeing the McIntosh brand for quite some time. Please follow up with your impressions of the unit. 

Congratulations indeed.  I bought new C53 to replace a 20+ year old C41 last month.  (The C41 is now sitting on my shelf, but my son is eyeing for when he gets a bigger apartment).  I have to say the C53 is a big sonic upgrade and the DA2 digital processor is a great addition too.  Enjoy!

@speedthrills Put the shoe on the other foot. So let’s say you bought that Mc. And u wanted to sell it. Would u not look at the best prices you can sell it for or u would just sell it for 50% or so below retail value to be a nice guy or because it was an older model . U would get the most money you could by seeing what the others are selling or sold for. So why would u except anything else from someone. Think about that.