Mcintosh pre amp pricing

I'm looking for a used c53, then adjusted to bing open to a used c52, now looking for even a c50- older and older units- yet- the asking prices and inflexibility of the sellers is insane. People asking for 80% of MSRP for 5 year old units, close to the same for ten year old units- the difference in msrp and technology across these three models is huge yet sellers of ten year old c50's are asking for what they listed for a decade ago???

Sellers with no selling history demanding PayPal Friends and Family  so the buyer has no purchase coverage.


These models are nice but they ain't worth anywhere near what people are trying get for them in my opinion.


With McIntosh gear, best to have a budget and then shop for what you can afford.  Consider some older models like C45 or C46?  You’re never going to find a piece at low price unless it’s damaged but even then, they are not cheap.   Guarantee once you own one, you’ll never settle for anything else. 

Thanks, I actually started going back to older and older pre amps and that's what got me frustrated- units that were 10-15 years old are still asking for 5k- when they listed for 5k a decade or more back. Fewer features, old switches and knobs, old technology etc. I ended up buying a newer (still current I think) c53 from Audio Classics with a warranty for $5500- new DAC, EQ, full featured. It validates my point about people asking the same money for units that are clearly much, much older, and that much closer to needing a service at some point. These older units are not "classics" either. In any event I'm happy with the C53 which is all that counts in my book !

Yeah, run away if a seller demands friends and family with PayPal. On the market, some people are proud of their stuff and demand close to MSRP, that’s when you skip buying used and buy new.  Eventually when people can’t sell it and they really want it gone they’ll lower the price, typically there’s equally other good gear out to close from aside from Macintosh to chose from.  

 I've owned McIntosh gear since 1971. Have always paired with JBL speakers. I have gone thru many different models and configurations with few issues. Have four different systems in use at this time with three of the four powered by McIntosh. The other is a nostalgic reproduction of my first system I ever owned. When I power it on, I remember why McIntosh is my personal choice. The proliferation of audio brands gives all of us a choice. Not everybody appreciates the McIntosh sound, and that's OK, it's what makes the world go 'round.