McIntosh preamps

Looking for suggestions on a preamp to match with Mcintosh MC352 and Martin Logan Ascent speakers. I am currently using a Mac C39. I want to stay with Mcintosh.  Will a different preamp make that much of a difference?


I have a C2700 and MC611s. Glorious sound. The C2700 warms things up a bit. There is something to say about MAC synergy amongst components. Another option is Audio Research preamps which I have heard plays well with McIntosh.

I once had a C39 with my MC352 and it was a good fit. But McIntosh is always improving so a newer pre might help. Are you considering tubes or wanting to stay solid state? If you are, and it sounds like you are, just using 2 channel there are a number a great pre amps to choose from. Also are you wanting new or used?
Another avenue to explore is cables, what are you using now? When I had my 39/352 combo I went thru a number of cables and wound up using Cardas, but you may have different experience with your speakers. I had Infinity Kappa 7’s then on to Revel F32’s. If you try cables get ahold of The Cable Company and try their lending library, John is great to work with there.

Good Luck


PS, as Jeffry mentioned Audio Research plays well with McIntosh. I have a MC402 now but have had 3 Audio Research pre’s and don’t plan to change.

I use a MC312 with a C52 preamp, the combination works perfectly for me. I am sure the MC352/C52 combined action would also work very well. Besides, it's McIntosh gear that sounds and looks spectacular IMHO.