Mcintosh processor

Trying to decide if Mcintosh mx119 or Mx132 would be better as a preamp for my HT and 2 channel stereo compared to krell HTS7.1 

currently have Krell KAV500 with oppo 205 (on order ) 

I have used MX 136, MX120 & MX121 as prepro's in my HT system and like them all. For 2 channel stereo I put in a stereo preamp. For me it improves the 2 channel sound.
So you think the sound will be better from older MX than HTS7.1? 
I like warm macintosh sound. The analog pre amp should be sufficient for 2 channel correct? Any other recommendations? 
Sorry, I have never owned Krell equipment so I can't comment on it. I do prefer a separate preamp for stereo in passthru with a prepro for HT use that way you get the best of both. I was going to order an Oppo 205 to replace my 105D but after I found out that it can't stream anything I decided against it. I watch Netflix more than Bluray discs.
Can I connect Apple TV to oppo 205 and use its video processing to improve quality of picture 
Can someone comment on mx134 vs krell HTS7.1 
I would like to connect oppo 205 via analogue to either and use it for both 5.1 for movies, sacd, and 2 channel stereo. 

I like macintosh warm sound, and don't mind it for movies either. Just need to know which one is a "better" machine, in terms of value, build quality, reliability, etc. Thanks