McIntosh- Sweetest, Smoothest sounding Solid State ?

McIntosh- Are they the sweetest, smoothest sounding solid state amplifier?  
On other Forums the OP pounds the drums constantly telling everybody Rogue Audio is what they should buy....regardless of their speakers or musical taste. You know the type...whatever I have is best even thou I have ZERO Experience with High End Gear. Should stick to the Hoffman Forum where MID-FI rules. BTW...MAC Gear is PERFECT for you!!
i currently have a parasound a21+ driven by a cary audio SLP 05 tube preamp.  
i liked the parasound at first but after 7 months or so it is sounding slightly sibilant and less refined.  
@riaa   rogue makes great sounding products and i recommend them whenever they are in the range of a recommendation request.  
i have ventured into tube preamp solid state amp and i am not a fan of the tube class D hybrid sound.  
Here we go again, all Mac haters to the front and start bashing away! Give it a rest guys, this is getting old and pathetic!
It's a popular pastime. I'm surprised that George hasn't weighed in yet to say how the autoformers are there to "fix" a defective design.
They do fix a design flaw, poor reactive speaker loads from bizarro drivers…