McIntosh to Luxman?

Hey everybody. I need some advice.  It's fair to say I've lusted over Luxman equipment for a few years now.  Something about Japanese hifi that just gets me. Anyway, one of the online retailers of new and used equipment has a Luxman L-507uX (not the mark ii) for sale.  I do really like the sound from my hybrid MA252 integrated, and it drives my Maggie 1.7s with ease.  Most of my listening is of the streaming variety (Bludesound Node/Qobuz), and some vinyl (Music Hall MMF-5). 

Here's my question: what will the Luxman bring me that the McIntosh isn't providing?   More refinement?  More authoritative bass? Better soundstaging?  If the answer is yes, then I may pull the trigger on the Luxman.  By the way, I can get a nice trade-in on my McIntosh, so my out-of-pocket won't be too bad.    Please weigh-in if you've had both McIntosh and Luxman gear and what your experience with both brands has been.   Thanks in advance!   ~ Jerry


I would like to correct something. I have a Mac 352 Hybrid and it is NOT rolled off at all. In fact I had to change the preamp tubes to warm it up a bit. Treble detail was very good, used on my Goldenear BRX

Luxman class a may be easier jump ...550ax2 or 590ax2 class a for first 20/30w then goes ab .... Bass control good but warm midrange reminiscent of valves ... Think the 505 has the control but not the same musicality if that makes sense 

I'm probably a little late with this, but I was going to suggest doing some tube rolling in the MA252 and see if that helps give you more of what you feel is currently lacking.  I haven't yet done it myself in my Mac tube preamp, but have read many comments about it.  Seems many folks feel the stock JJ tubes are not the best to bring out the full potential of the Mac tube gear.  Improvements in soundstage, bass and "top-end sparkle" are often mentioned.

Good evening. The Luxman arrived today. Got my streamer hooked up and listened for a few minutes. Then my lady says “hey, can you pick up some food?” Off to get Chinese. 😁

First impression…holy s***. So the Maggie’s CAN make some serious bass. This thing seems to have unlimited headroom. Wow. More to follow. 

~ Jerry 

Good to know the Luxman L-507uX is sounding great. I have the L-590AXII and have owned many integrateds and pre-powers, some costlier than the Luxman. As mentioned by others here, I share the same impressions about the Luxman. Without going into detail, I’ll just say it just sounds right and brings joy to the listening experience.

I’ve briefly tried the McIntosh MC275mkIV years ago and I’m not sure if it’s the typical McIntosh house sound. It’s warm with a full fat bass and lacks air, definition and detail. The overall clarity of the amp is not very good to me.