Mcintosh vs AudioResearch Preamps

Hi to all and thanks for all the replies to my question
I never listened these 2 brands so i would ask sensations to someone know them.
Like models i thought to compare Mcintosh C200 vs AudioResearch Reference 2 Mk II (or Refernce 3)
Why prefer one to other? More musically?
Thanks a lot

If you haven't listened to either peice,why limit yourself to either model. Its very possible that other companies used or new peices may very well better fit your ears and wallet? Also to me if I were to invest the kind of $$$ your looking at, I would for sure make sure I demo'd it first.I am just speaking from experience. Its tuff trying to take info from others and make a good decision. Not sure if that helps but........
Ciao Thorman and thanks for your reply
I just know others brand but i'm curios about these one because never listened.
I like for example Accuphase but i red on differente very positives judgments about them.
Thanks a lot