Mconnect and Bricasti

Wanted to give Mconnect a try with my Bricasti M3.  Downloaded the app but the Bricasti doesn’t show up as a connected device.  Roon plays fine. 
Thanks for helping an old guy out!!



Look under the browser tab in mconnect and see what is listed under local server.  If you see anything related to your bricasti, choose it.  Are you using Qobuz ot Tidal?  

Sorry. Missed the reply. Just shows my IPad under local server. 
I use both Qobuz and Tidal. 

You want “Play To” to find the Bricasti. There is a refresh button (circular arrow) to force a new look.  “Browser” is where the music comes from. “Play To” is where the music goes to. 

The network card on the Bricasti is a renderer/player, not a streamer. You need to be running UPnP/DLNA software on your network for it to talk to. It does look like BubbleUPnP may be your best option as it does have Qobuz integration unlike JRiver.

I know "player" and "streamer" sound like they should be the same and that you should be able to just send a signal to the device. The key is, unless something explicitly says its a streamer it requires a separate server in conjunction. Player, Renderer and Network Bridges generally require servers.