Meadowlark Blue Heron - gas tweeter leak problem?

Do you know anything about the Audax - gas-filled piezo-electric tweeter leaking in these speakers. Anyone have or heard of this? Is this a fault in design that is a matter of time before it leaks or was it a defect that afflicts some but not all?
Hi Michael, 
Your info on the HD3P replacement is very helpful. I have Meadowlark BH's with that now-deflated tweeter.
How were you able to remove the HD3P's? I removed the screws, tried to wedge them out, put a hair dryer on to melt the gasket and nothing. Won't budge, turn or anything. Is there a special tool or didn't you have this problem?
Any thoughts or suggestions wold be appreciated.

Try  the large screw in a small hole trick.  Basically you remove the original screws then put a single wide threaded screw that is just a bit too large for the original hole.  VERY CAREFULLY hand thread it into the tweeters plastic flange ( where the hole is ) and once it is tight ( not screwed into the baffle but tight in the plastic) you use a claw hammer's claw end to slowly pry up on the head of the screw.  Put a cloth under the hammer head to prevent damage to the baffle. 

I have done this on several BHs and even a few BH  centers.  Slow and steady pressure will release the tweeter from the keldamp gasket material.  Just be super careful not to puncture the outer mylar membrane.

Good luck with your BHs.


Do you know, per chance, how to fix a deflated HD3P? 

Thanks a lot!

  The only repair data I have is from the thread above:

My two HD3Ps are currently being modified repaired at Moca Audio ( in Tours, France by an acoustical engineer (Marc-Olivier Chauveau) who specializes in Audax drivers.

I suggest contacting   Mssr. Chauveau and asking if he still does the service to the HD3Ps.  I have a singe un used HD3P left in stock.  It has deflated even never having been used. 

Yes they're still doing the repair. I just got my HD3P's repaired by Moca Audio for my blue heron's. 65Euros/tweeter. Adding in USPS shipping and fees (bank transfer or PayPal) took it to a bit over $200, so not bad.