Meadowlark K2s

Recently purchased a pair of these speakers. No regrets. Really nice but I do have a question about what they should sit on. They currently reside on a carpet (which in itself overlays a wooden floor). I've read that the included spikes may actually degrade the sound. What is everyone using under their Meadowlarks? Anything that has proven particularly effective or should they just sit on the floor without any spikes/cones? Many thanks.
Keep those spikes on baby.
Push them through that carpet and dig into that wooden floor.

Oh yeah.
At least use the junk spikes provided with the speakers. You will be able to get a noticable sonic improvement with "Audio Points" in place of the "stock" spikes. Check the bottom of the K2's, as I am only familiar with the bottom of the ones I have owned (Osprey, Nighthawk, & Blue Heron 2's) which have 5 threaded receptacles for spikes. Use of four is recommended if they can be knocked by children or pets around the speakers. Use of 3 will give a better "bite" into the floor, however not as stable.

The Audio Points were about $20 each new, and they come in varying sizes depending upon your speaker. I am using the 1.5" narrow body for my Blue Heron 2's.
Thanks guys. Re: the Audio Points, where can I source a set, and was the improvement in sound marked or subtle?
I think it all depends. If the floor boards are solid, the spikes may help. If the floor boards are not, the spikes may hurt.
I will have to respectfully disagree with Unsound about the use of spikes dependent upon the floor boards. In my experience it has always improved imaging as well as bass tightness and control to have even the poorest of dealer provided spikes, over just resting on the carpet.

The Audio Points can be found at