Meadowlark Kestral Owners! - Amp Help.

I recently moved the system into a room that sucked the life out of my EPos ES12'and have ended up with a pair of Hot Rod kestrals- Definetly an improvement in the low end. But things still didn't seem quite right. I replaced my CJ MV 52 (45 watt) with an old Rotel RB970(70 Watt) I had laying around and while not as smooth, things just worked better. I guess the answer is I need more power and am thinking of getting something in the 100-150 watt range Solid State. Any suggestions? The rest of the system: Micromega Stage 2, Audible Illusions Modulus 3. Oh yeah, I'd like to spend in the $700 to $1000 range. Thanks for you input
More power is not the answer. I used to own a pair of Ketrals(hot rod version) and I ran them beautifully with a N.E.W. Class A amp (only 20 watts). The Krestrels are fairly efficient and I never had a need for more power and I ran them in a large room. I've since upgraded my amp to a VAC PA80/80 and it did make a difference, but it should given the price difference.
Prfont I have a pair of Kestrals(nonrodded)with a Aragon4004. I have not tried any other pwr amp, but as said above they are fairly efficent. I'm looking to replace my amp if interested. I also have tried the Audible Illusions with the Aragon, great combo.
i think the kestral hot-rods are wery nice, but not the most detailed speakers in the world - prolly why yure getting better luck w/the rotel over the c-j amp: decent detailed solid-state vs tubed euphony, not the lack of power. subjectively, the c-j would actually play as loud or louder than the rotel, i'd bet. i'd look for the most bright, detailed, forward-sounding amp ewe can afford, to match w/these - something like an older krell or spectral. as 50 wpc should be enuff, it should not be too costly...i heard 'em driven fine w/a 55wpc alchemist amp...


Funny you should ask Prfont, I received my gift to myself today, a sonographe 250 fbo my kestrels. After 4 hours (not much) better soundstage, better able to hear into the hall, violins have lost their squeaks but still bite on a downbow, and Joni is even more ethereal. I can't listen to metal tweeters so not a detail freak, (kestrels are silk)and i've done a lot with placement, room treatment and cables (AQ topaz ic and dh labs t-14) with my very limited blue-collar budget. Everything will change over the next week, e-mail me if you like.