Measuring turntable speed

Happy Holidays everyone!  This has probably been discussed before but I'm of the age that makes me a bit of a Luddite.  I have a VPI Scout and SDS.  I use "The Ultimate Analogue Test LP" to play the test tone and (at least I used to) the app Dr. Fridrekson(??) had other there.  It mysteriously disappeared from my iPad and I can't find it anywhere.  What are you using?  Thanks!
Phoenix engineering roadrunner.  Great little unit that measures accurately in thousandths after the decimal .xxx
Sota is now selling them singular and in kits with motor and power supply. 

I have a very lightweight paper strobe disc I put atop a spinning record.  I also sometimes find a record that I'm certain possesses a 440 hz A somewhere within it (any recording of a non-period instrument orchestral recording will have one) and then match the pitch on the record to my Seiko metronome's 440 tuning tone.  BTW, it's absolutely shocking how inaccurate my SOTA Sapphire's fine speed adjustment wheels have gotten over the centuries.
Try RPM Pro. An app for your smartphone. You put the phone on your turntable and the results are really accurate.
If you have an Android phone, download the app called
RPM Calculator, it’s pretty accurate or, if you have iPhone, download the app called RPM, they are both good and free.