media player for mac.

I'm trying replacing itune. i have mac pro and i don't know where to turn now.
j river is for pc only. any suggestion or advice?

Thank you
My rough order of preference:

Fidelia -detail and dynamics, get the full version $79
Amarra - just feels good, too pricey
Decibel and Audirvana are tied.
Pure Music- this may rank much higher, honestly it has been awhile on this one. Bit perfect is in the middle somewhere- I haven't spent a lot of time with the newer versions.
Very interesting about Fidelia. I haven't heard of it before. Anybody else have experience with it relative to others?

Thanks, Peter
I use Fidelia, but the cheaper version, ($20). Works fine with a lovely interface. It just uses iTunes as your library but plays and converts if needed without any hiccups.

I also use BitPerfect. Even cheaper, ($5). But you retain the iTunes interface. The only issue with BitPerfect is that it's not Airplay compatible.
I just downloaded BiPerfect and it's.......perfect.
Playing through the Centrance DACmini is kind of a revelation,
of sorts, in a way, whatever.
It's never sounded so good.

It's also the first time I've had tons of visual clues hitting me all at once, continuously, accompanied by some slight shifts in location, tone, etc., like it was righting itself.

Best $5 tweak I've ever done.
This is fun.