Meeting point at RMAF for Audiogoners

After much phoning and advice on another thread, I suggest the following as a meeting place, if enough people are interested

The Lift Reataurant and Lounge in the Marriot, between 6 and 8pm on Friday the 2nd and Saturday the 3rd. They are setting the bar aside and we can meet for a drink and move on to the restaurant if anyone is interested. I can'nt organise too much from the UK, but will bring some sticky labels to stick on your shirt to give your user name.

Would anyone be interested? If not, I will cancel the arrangement with the bar. I would like to have a chat and put faces to a few names. I have put 6 till 8, but presumably it can go on as long as we want. The only imponderable is the time of the Live music, which many may want to attend too.
I will be flying to Colorado tomorrow, so will be out of E.mail contact. I see the live shows start at 6.15. will that be a problem meeting up at 6pm, David
Hi All,
We have organized a get together directly across the street from the Marriott Tech Center on Saturday night @ 6 PM at Garcia's Mexican Restaurant.
We did this last year and had over 50 Audiogoners join us. Garcia's are creating a Happy Hour for our group and the Beer (5 brands of Draft) and Mix Drinks will be half price.
They also will serve some Chips and Salsa (gratis). You can eat there afterwards if you like. The food is quite good Mexican and priced reasonably.
Hopefully, you can all join us. Please pass the word.
Best Regards,
Larry (Cello)
Mexican sounds good.

Leaving in the morning. Long drive you know.

See ya there

I managed to schedule work in Colorado Springs this week, so I'll swing up Saturday for the show and meet you guys in the lounge Saturday evening. I look forward to meeting you all!