Meitner DAC6 and Sony 777ES

Hi All,

I am considering a Meitner DAC6 to replace my Accuphase DP-75V. I would use my Sony SCD-777ES as a transport connecting it to the Meitner via toslink or RCA SPD/IF. (I understand that these digital links will not carry DSD. Only PCM.) I can move the analog cables from the output of the DAC6 to the Sony to listen to SACD's.

Has anyone used the 777ES as a transport to the DAC6? How is the sound? How much better is the Phillips 1000 with the dedicated Meitner links than the Sony on CD? Is the 777ES/DAC6 better than my 75V?

Rich Maurin
Oh well. I just looked at the online manual for the DAC6. It does not have a SPD/IF RCA input. Only AES/EBU.

You can use any transport you would like to drive the DAC6 with regards to Redbook CD.

You can only use the EMM Labs transports for SACD with the EMM DACs. The same thing is true for all SACD manufacturers as it is a licensing issue with Sony.