Meitner MA3 amp/integrated suggestions

I recently picked up a used Meitner MA3 to combine my streamer and DAC into one unit. I've been blown away by this unit and it's DAC, but more surprisingly it's preamp/volume control have been excellent! I'm currently running it directly into my beloved Oliver Sayes 421a tube amp, with excellent results. 

Since I listen almost 8hrs a day, I don't want to burn my tubes that much, so I thought I'd look for a solid state amp, or integrated. Reason I thought amp first was because of the excellent volume control on the MA3. 

What are you guys connecting the MA3 to? wpc not a concern since I use highly efficient speakers. since this won't be my main amp i'ld like to find something in the under $3k used budget. Suggestions welcome 


hi @juanmanuelfangioii 


Hope you are well...crazy racing this weekend huh?



@ghasley Have you looked at tube prices these days?

I guess it all depends on what some may find affordable vs what they don't...el84's are "affordable" and they run for quite a while. I could imagine a Leben 300xs running between three and four years at 8 hours/day.


Have I looked at tube prices lately? Yes, one of my amps uses 211's so that ship sailed...but I would still rather listen to it than save it for a rainy day...

@ghasley I hear you on rather listen than save it. Was only jerking your chain.

It has been so hot down here I rather listen to an old GE Transistor Radio than heat up my hose with tube heat.


+1 on @blisshifi recommendation of First Watt, especially the SIT series. Closest you will come to tube sound from solid state.

Hey @doni thanks for the suggestion. Doing some research now and like the small form factor for a class A product. I was also ready to pull the trigger on a Belles SA100 that has been listed for over a month but of course as soon as I respond it’s pending sale to someone else.