Meitner Ma3 Streaming vs Aurender

Been researching for a dedicated streamer. I really like the Aurender line either the N200 or N20. I also plan to upgrade my DAC next. After reading a lot about the Meitner Ma3 it may be what I’m looking for. However the Meitner also has streaming capability as an added feature so do I go with the Meitner as a streaming DAC?  Is its streaming SQ  equal or better than a dedicated streamer such as Aurender?  I would loose the storage capability of the Aurender, the caching payback and a dedicated app. So I could go with an Aurender N 200 and the Meitner or just the Meitner. Unfortunately no way to compare these options. 
Anyone been down this road ?


When I owned my MA3, I used its Ethernet Roon streamer and compared it with my Bricasti M5 using AES, and I slightly preferred the sound quality of the AES input with Roon.   It was close and I doubt I would have purchased a dedicated streamer if I just started with the DAC as it sounded excellent, its just the M5 sounded slightly better and made the value proposition of the MA3 not as good as I had hoped since I was planning on selling the M5 after purchasing the MA3.   I have no idea how the M5 compares with other more expensive streamers...

@jfrmusic I used the network card in the Bricasti M3 DAC and it competed with a $2000 Lumin U1 Mini. I then sold the Lumin and used the M3 as a Roon end point for a while until I tried the Aurender N200. The network card in a Bricasti is not on the same level and shouldn’t be…it’s a $1000 ad on. 
Point is…think of the optional built in network card as a feature to hold you over when you are between streamers. It’s not a substitute for a high quality dedicated unit.