Meitner MA3 vs Bricasti M3?

Anyone have an opportunity to compare the Meitner MA3 and the Bricasti M3?

When you get to this level, I think it comes down to the system itself.

Both DAC's are impressive. It comes down to what you think sounds 'good'.


Right! This was in my system, in my room at a specific time.

As always, everything is subject to change.

Well, to answer my own question, having owned them both. I prefer the Meitner MA3 slightly over the Bricasti M3 in my system.

I own the MA3 and owned the M3 for a short while before moving on from it.  I also prefer the MA3, and by a large margin in my case/system.

I liked the M3, but it didn't blow me away.  I replaced it with a Mojo Audio R2R DAC that I much preferred, but it did give up some detail/resolution (and a very nice black background) compared to the more modern sounding M3.  I much preferred the very relaxed sound and natural tone of the Mojo Audio.

I then heard the MA3 and for me it has the natural sound (and no fatigue) of the R2R DAC but with much more detail retrieval like the M3.   Kind of a best of both worlds for me, detailed (but not hyper detailed) with that natural sound one gets from a good NOS R2R DAC.

I also agree one needs to listen to these DACs themselves in their own system.  Both offer good value at their used prices, so you should be able to re-sell either if it doesn't float your boat...

I have a Weiss 205 incoming, that will be interesting to compare to the much $$ MA3.   I'm guessing it will sound more like the M3, but time will tell.