Meitner MA3 vs Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed vs Cambridge Audio Edge NQ

I'm sounding out recommendations between the 3, or other recommendations I may not have discovered yet.

Speakers will be Focal Diablo Utopia (not EVO) standmounts. Amp is a Gold Note PA1175 MKII or a Sophia Electric 300B 91-01. I have both. 

This is for my office system so I'm looking for a streamer/DAC/preamp combo to plug into what I already have.

Looks like I can get a Mola Mola Makua with DAC installed for about 14K, Meitner MA3 for about 10.5K or a Cambridge Audio Edge NQ for about $5.5K.

I'm open to other recommendations as long as the streamer/DAC/preamp is integrated. I have no preference as to Tube/SS/Class D/Hybrid etc. I can also consider a fully integrated unit with Pre/DAC/streamer/Amp.

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@mclinnguy I moved my Lumin U2 streamer and Audio Mirror Toubadour V DAC to my home main system and now I'm bereft of music at work. I feel my productivity isn't as good as it should be without the music. I think I have a Schiit Modi somewhere in a box from years ago I may just dig that one out to tide me over until I decide on what to get.

@gdnrbob Do you have one? Have you auditioned it? 

I have a Meitner MA-3 and AGD Tempo Di Gan.  It is one very sweet detailed combination with a superb soundstage.

Thank you. I recently bought a Hifi Rose RS130 and realized it only does PCM. I was going to pull the trigger on the Meitner but realized that it makes less sense if my transport can't carry native DSD directly to the DAC. I will have to reconsider my DAC choices and I'm looking at a Merason DAC1 now.

Thank you all for your input. I greatly appreciate it.