Melbourne, Australia

I am wondering if there is any interest in an Audiogon Melbourne chapter. I run Cary gear and Proacs, and I wouldn't mind meeting to chew the fat.
Hi,Is this still going I am in Olinda,Melbourne I have some Audio Research gear!! Regards Bigpond
Just joined from Vermont South, I run an M.A sound system with a range of other good AV - HT stuff.
regards Ross
Good Day,
Member from Sydney. Running Kef Ref, Audio Research Ref, McIntosh, Primare, Linn lp12, Aqvox, Nordost, Cardas Golden, PS Audio
Great listening!
Hi my name is Walter
I'm running Tom Evans audio gear and I'm also the seller in victoria and most of australia for Tom Evans Audio Design that come from the UK and also selling some audio GD equipment via ebay. I've just got in to selling audio because I love it plus I run a pest control business called victorian pest control. If there's any interest in my audio for sale let me know also if like would like some advice shot me a email. I've been into audio for over 25 years and still love it with a passion.
Hello everyone. How is this club going. Are there any formal or informal activities? I would like to meet some like minded individuals. I like DIY audio but at present have mainly commercial equipment. David, Rowville, 3178.