melody 2a3 mono amps

i have 2x melody 2a3 amps plugged into sonic frontiers sfl2 pre amp both are tubed. speakers i run are paradigm studio100 ref with a sensativity 94. plenty of power at 18 watts from melody's...problem is there is very little bass. not enough to make brass sound like brass the sound stage is way behind speakers(very good)cymbals sound like steel. doesnt ring like brass and so on .should i change speakers or amps  or..........


You are at the low range of the power needs of the speaker. Try moving the speakers closer to a wall or corner and see if that helps. If not, you might need more power, especially if you have a large room. Make sure the speaker cables are fastened to the lower posts of the four on the speaker. You have excellent amps, I would look to pair them with speakers from ZU or similar for best results.

Sounds like the OPT (output transformers) are rolling off the bass and treble. A common problem with tube amps - both single-end and push-pull. Good big iron is expensive! Witness the Carver 275 amp with the small crappy transformers! For its high price a waste of money! I suggest getting a way more powerful amp - tube or transistor. A Crown XLS 1002 (200 wpc) would be a good match for the Paradigms. There is one for sale now on eBay for about $400.

ty J........i don't think u like tubes ?i'm still deciding . i picked up these pieces used but  have not had success. cost me 4000Cd 7 months ago. reason why was because my beloved creek5350se  bit the dust... caps i think. need a good repiar shop . im in bc canada and dont know where to send it for repair, would u know of a respectful repair shop?

I don't think the amps are a good match for your speakers. You need more efficient speakers for them to perform at their best. See the link below for some info on the amps:


A couple thoughts - 

I am not familiar with your speakers. I run 93 dB efficient JBL monitors with less than 8 watts per speaker and they have loads of bass, but they are using 15 inch woofers. 

I think the suggestion to play around with the positioning of the speakers is a good place to start.

Good luck and please share your progress on your journey.