Melody Gardot in concert she's in Seattle 6/19

Melody Gardot played Portland's Aladdin Theater last night, and her performance was nothing less than jaw-dropping. I've been a fan since hearing two cuts from her album in a New Years Eve countdown of the year's best releases on Portland's KMHD, but nothing could have prepared me for the power of her live performance. Twelve or fifteen songs from her two releases, most of which were done in a completely different style from the albums, and a band--drummer, bass, and a sax/flute player--with an astonishing range. THE most remarkable combination of vocal talent and songwriting ability that I've yet enountered.

Waiting for my wife outside the theater after the concert, I watched people come out of the theater in near disbelief: did we just hear that? Most concerts you come of of, people are talking afterward about where to go for a drink. The people I saw were all talking rapturously about the performance they'd just seen. Seattleites out there, do yourself a favor and get to the Moore Theater tonight. I'm sorely tempted to get on the road and see her a second time.
Hey, thanks for posting that. I'd seen that she was coming and completely forgotten about it. I just snagged a ticket on the main floor for tonight. The Moore is a great venue. I've sat all over that place for various concerts, even back row balcony for David Byrne - I can say from an acoustic standpoint there is not a bad seat in the house. Gardot has been on my frequent rotation list for months now and I really love her voice - I'm looking forward to it. Thanks for the post!
I saw her Portland appearance advertised after I'd already made plans to go to Walla Walla for the weekend. We drank some great wine and ate some terrific food there. Still, I wish I could have been in two places at once.