Member Make Zero Sense

Me not want to point finger up at member but just suggest that maybe behavior better suit for keeping to one self and not on forum. This guy keep going on most of time he communicate with self for 5 post at time with no other interaction. What if I only read so many total word before I die? Maybe I be dead already from this guy going on and on. If I could rub Jeannie and ask wish it be to read forum without seeing this member post. This may be not enough hint but I try not to be mean on forum because I tell he good guy just not guy I take out on Viking go fish. I pro freedom and don’t want sensor but if I need buy this site and pay guy to create user block option for me that what I do.
Probably me, I tend to ramble on, and have zero punctuation, and go on about nothing that pertains to the said topic. 

Sorry guys. 
Churchill said something like "poor grammar is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put."


Your posts always give me a big smile; don’t change a bit, you keep being you ;-).

[My theory is that tubebuffer is actually an English professor at some U.S. university, and the grammar and phrasing in his posts are just him having fun with us].