Merging HiFI & HT 27-30 ft RCA cable suggestions ?

I need to merge the 7.1 Pioneer Elite receiver with the "Mother" Audio system. I will be keeping both systems seperate . I plan to run four 27ft RC cables from receiver
L, R, LS and RS How I Handle the Sub is not determined as I think I will hook it up to the main system. Any suggestions appreciated. Happy new Year to all my helpful friends on Audiogon!
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Here are some great cables for the money. You need long runs so I tried to choose cables that will give you the best performance for the dollar.

Signal cable company - analog one or two models
Audio Art IC-1's & IC-3's
Blue Jean cable company

I use both Signal and Audio Art in my HT system. I find the Audio Art cables to be the best of the bunch.I use the more expensive IC-3's.