Meridian 508.24 Service

I have a Meridian 508.24 that is skipping, and I am trying to find someone to service it - anywhere in the US would be fine. I can not get any information out of Meridian.
I've listened to about 100 cd players since the 80's andn Meridian 508.24 is close to top of list..
Don't let anyone tell you different

I will tell you different. I owned a 508.24 which was a great player in its day, but digital circa 2014 is better. For what the 508.24 cost new ($4000) you can buy a whale of an incredible player. I now own a Simaudio CD player which in my system is better in dynamics and scale. Dynamics was always what I thought to be the 508.24's weakest hand.
I never liked the bass in the 508.24 (undefined, opaque).
I bought it new in 1998 and liked the Accuphases much better a few years later, then moved on to EMM and never looked back.
"I never liked the bass in the 508.24 (undefined, opaque)."

I always liked the bass of the 508.24. Rich, deep, redolent with tone, and amazingly similar to bass I hear in live acoustic performance. Music lovers appreciate this kind of sound reproduction.'s anyone's guess what they'll like.