Meridian 800 DVD/CD Version 4

Looking for some advise. I am in the midst of constructing a new office / listening room in my house (Walkout basement). It has been a while since I sold my last house and most of my equipment. The last cd player I have was the Cary 306 SACD. It was the best cd player I have owned but sold it years ago.

So now as I rebuild my system I will be buying a new cd player and a turntable. I am looking at the Small Audio Manufacture (SAM) turntables for under $2K. But my reason for this post is the Meridian 800 DVD / CD, Version 4.

I am able to acquire one for about $1,000.00 and was wondering if this represents good value or is there something else in this price range that would be better. I mostly listen to jazz, old R&B, and some classical music. This setup is strictly a 2-channel only set up and no subwoofer. The room is 12 x 20 with 8 ft ceilings. 

I have a pretty good integrated amp (300 / 600 watts a channel) with newly acquired Canton 3 DC Reference speakers I purchased new. Pervious speakers were Salk HT3 but I really like the sound of the Cantons. 

Thank you in advance for any information. I know there are several posts concerning the Meridian 808 but how does the 800 compared to those units.

mahler123 thanks for your recommendation. I have decided to at least tried out the Meridian. My curiosity jut got the best of me. Secondly most of everything I have purchase in this hobby has been used and I have not had a problem with any purchase including cd / dvd players over the last 20 years. I could not afford to indulge in this hobby without buying used. However, I do appreciate your input.

Thank to everyone and their suggestions. One last note there seems to a return to traditional rebook cd players without any upsampling. Interesting trend, any thoughts?

I have always liked Meridian players.  I would check with Meridian to see if they still support it should it be required, I would imagine they do as they keep their products going for a long time.  I heard the 800 a long time ago but remember it being a great sounding player.
I had version 1 of the Meridian, later updated to V2. When I auditioned it I thought that it sounded better than a $30,000+ dCS setup. Even when I sold it last year, I felt that I needed to spend about $5,000 to find anything comparable.
Thank you. For the $1k (shipped) I paid for the V4 I felt this was a no brainer. I know that some people have recommended a new player or a DAC I just don't know if that was the sound I was looking for.

My best CD player owned was the Cary 306 SACD which I should have never sold. They are still selling for a lot more than when I sold mine 5 years ago.

I have come to the conclusion as I have gotten older that newer isn't necessarily better. Just bought NOS Canton 3 DC speakers and I can tell you they are reference level and I don't believe I could have bought a new speaker for $3.4K shipped (originally $16k). YMMV