meridian 861 v2.8, is it worth it?

i was going to look at one for 2ch and surround audio .
i had a Anthem D-1,any comparisons?
what should you look for in a good used system to make it worth $4300.
i like balanced
thanks John
I like chocolate chip cookie dough...

What answer are you looking for, how can anyone else tell you if a product is worth the cost. I have cables that cost more than $4300... That doesn't make me better or smarter than you though. Only you can answer the question of whether a product is worth the cost.

What misgivings do you have about it that you are asking for opinions???



The meridian 861 is an outstanding processor/preamp if you ever go for multi channel system it will serve you very well.The only down side for me is the fact that you require a pc to set it up and that can be a challenge.
thank you Ramy,that is something i did not know.
we are not all that you want us to be Nrchy,why you have to call some one stupid is beyond me,i am sure you asked some questions at some point,a question asked more than a year ago may get different people answering.
Setting up the Meridian with the new software...downloadable...should be pretty stright forward...I have 861 v4.25...while its a very nice unit...and I think vastly better than processor approaches using a separate high quality analog preamp for your CD, etc replay...

So what are some analog preamps (to go with a CD player) that would be superior than the 861 v4? Secondly if processors with analog bypass would also be superior, then what are some choices?