Meridian, Audio Aero, modded Denon 3910, or...?

Time for some suggestions. I've recently upgraded to a Jeff Rowland Concentra, and am delighted with it (more on my integrated amp evolution some other time). The weak link in my system is now clearly the source, and, especially as I can run balanced XLR's into the Concentra, it's time for an upgrade.

I have done a good deal of reading and research, and certainly understand the temptation to go the (much more expensive) modded Denon route. At the same time, I'm more inclined to take a small step first, such as a (used, obviously) Meridian, Audio Aero, or something else around about $1,500.00.

In order to refine your responses, take the following into account:

I have Green Mountain Callisto speakers, and listen to a wide variety of music.The one musical quality which is not very important to me is a thundering bass (though I do want accuracy).

Any input will be appreciated, so thanks in advance!

Tony C.
I don't have a lot of CD player experience but I have listened to the Meridian 508.24 and thought it was an excellent player. It had plenty of detail and enough warmth to make you want to listen to it for hours. I think they are priced very reasonably these days. Good luck in your search. Sandra
The modded Denon universal (tubed output) are some of the best "warm" sounding CD players out there if you like that kind of sound.