Meridian / Wadia / Audio Aero describe sound

Each of these manufactures are regarded for the quality of their CDP, how would you characterize their sound? Be specific on the best model for each old & new.

Do these manufactures have any competitors on sound and price points?
Entrope, "smooth" -- can you extrapolate? How would you describe the low end? Does it have impact-or more relaxed? Based on the two descriptions of the meridian 508.24 the highs are smooth and natural easy to listen to
Smooth as in no digital edge. Solid well articulated bass. More relaxed than in your face - Sounds like music rather than a collection of notes.
Oh also the ayre d1x would be another to consider. I had that too and I think it sounded better than all of them. I've seen some great deals on those too. If you only wanted to spend around 1000 the 508.24 would be hard to beat.