Merlin Master Bam Alert

My buddy just received his dual mono dual ops bam.The first one sold.He has VSM MXE's.Thought you would like to see his reaction:"There is an uncanny sense of realism.
I was listening in the dark with my eyes closed.
The sense of being in a concert hall was so great that my brain created a seemingly real visual image of where it thought it was.
After the piece ended I just shut the system down. I did not want to take a chance of diminishing the impact of what I had just experienced.
Quite an accomplishment."
I will be receiving my single ended Master Bam shortly and will report my findings in more detail.
thuan the duelund caps are hand wound in germany and shipped to and finshed in denmark. all these processes are done by hand in limited quantities. i have no control over the fila and i have no control over the duelunds.
i mailed you today regarding the time left before your modifications are done.
a hobby? :-| please! resources and labor will not help.
please be patient...
Yikes, I was just being a smart alec and not intending to stir anything up.

Thuan98, even if more staff resulted in some things being turned around quicker, (not the situation here as explained by Bobby), I believe it would impact cost and I know it would impact the level of access we have to Bobby which I would definitely put above getting my hands on something a little quicker.

At the end of the day, all this equipment we spend so much time obsessing over are all just expensive toys and if the worst thing we have to worry about is waiting a little longer than we might like for our toys, life ain't that bad. And when I think about it that way, any wait I may have is a little easier :-)

b, i certainly understand about delays and feel badly but that is the nature of the business i am in. and when you use rare handmade parts, it is to be expected. these caps only come from one maker and are not available anywhere else. you know what they say about single sourcing. a lot of people are used to production line gear and we have never made that sort of thing. what makes it even worst is that we have now sold hundreds of these modifications. people who have them done, love them and rarely give them up. no problems byan, we are fine.