Merlin Owner's...

What's your favorite color?
we've done this in the past and found that the chrome rods did not damp the cabinet as well as the brass thus emparting a slightly sibilant quality to the hf.
the best all round performer is the brass hands down.
In the late 70's to early 80's, the Guitar community espoused the use of Brass for the nut, bridge and string ferrules(Think Fender Srtat)because it had a "Bell-like ring" tone. Later, bone was the material of choice.
"FERRARI RED", but I didn't have the balls to order them! Wife sez...So I went with the standard "Piano Black" However, in the final analysis it was the right choice.
Apologies for changing the subject but this thread seems to have the attention of Merlin owners. I am interested in the MX. Has anybody tried them with a Bryston SST series amp? I have a 3BSST.
the speaker is critically damped to rid it of noise and distortion plus is extremely uniform. it is very neutral and likes to be used with ss that is less damped and tube designs.
this means your amp will be much better than older brystons but still wanting in the relaxed and emotionally inviting aspect of sound.
what cables are you using, this may help the combination?
you will be happier with the vsm mm because they are more forgiving but only to a slight degree.