Merlin Tsm Static/ crackle from right channel

I have isolated to the one speaker.... just short of shipping back to Bobby.... What could have happened?
So you think the noise is originating at the speaker itself? Have you tried swapping the speaker cables (right swapped with left, either at amp end or speaker end) to see if the sound moves over to the opposite speaker or remains with the same one? If it is indeed in the speaker, the crossover would be the first place I'd look if it were a sound as you describe, but if you haven't swapped sides yet I would not assume it was in the speakers.
what amp are you using? the filarmonia? could be one of the tubes. call or email bobby.
jax and nm are correct. reverse the channels of the speaker cable and if the noise moves to the other speaker, the fault is the amp or before it. if it stays in the same speaker, disconnect the jumpers and hook the speaker wire to the woofer and then to the tweeter to locate the faulty driver. what amp are you using? a tube amp?
only one source? have you tried reversing the channels of the source to see if the problem stays or moves to the other channel?
Thanks .... I am using a Bedini 100/100de. I have not had the Tsm's hooked up for a while as I just moved back to Nashville. The equipment I am using is hooked up to my Paradigm Studio 100's and are workin fine. The TSM's started to buzz a bit when I had my Bat VK 60's.. But also buzzed when I had them playing with my Bedini. I am evaluating my system. I am thinking about separating the HT and 2 ch as I def want to keep the Merlins!!!!!!! But I may part with the Studios.... I am using an ARC LS 10 solid state pre... just a lil dissatisfied with the system rite now and definately need to get the Merlins fixed!!!!