Merlin VSM compared to ATC 100ASL active

How would you rate the above speakers and how would these compare? The ATC are more into Professional audio would that disqualify them in a Hifi home audio setup?
The reason for having the ATC on my list is mainly that it is fully active and therefore does not have to bother about cables, amplifiers etc. Well, I have a pair of TSM today and really like these. Looking also for something to get real dynamics but the VSM may be another alternative but than again cables, amplifier.
Looking also for something to get real dynamics

ATC 100ASL will certainly be more dynamic than most other conventional box speakers - close to "real dynamics" but still not able to do justice to a jet engine. The only things that can play louder cleanly would be other large studio horns or a bigger ATC's or something similar like Hans Zimmer's 80K per speaker Quested's

Of course you could try Meyer horns like this and you'll definitely have close to a real jet engine but for better sound quality than Meyer sound reinforcement gear you might try Westlake's Studio speakers which can be setup in active mode too.

In any case, put on an uncompressed drum track or good recording and you will appreciate the real dynamics that only big speakers with pro woofers can produce (it can be jaw dropping - and it won't seem "loud" in the normal sense - these designs remain completely effortless sounding throughout their operating range).

This might be your lucky day if you have the space then this will sing like you would not believe...

George Augspurger is a legend.
Lars -- have you checked out those Augspurgers???
The compression drivers alone would set you back c. $6k!