Merlin VSM -how much space from the side wall ?

Hi Merliners

I have left 2.5 feet from the side baffle to side wall. If i go one more inch less , music gets a little compressed.

How much space have you left ?
I would expect what works best to vary from room depending on size and acoustics. Too close to walls is seldom ever a good thing unless designed to work that way (not MErlin TTBOMK). 2.5 feet seems like a reasonable starting point in an average sized room with drywall, maybe less in a smaller room.
IMO, there's always a trade-off with placement of the VSM. As I've posted many times, you get some welcome room reinforcement in the bass when you get close to the walls, but imaging is optimized in (as close as you can get to) free space. If you've found a point vis a vis the side walls where imaging suffers when you get any close, you could try scooting the speakers a few inches close to the wall behind them.

As Mapman notes, it's not really possible to cite specific measurements, since that will be both room dependent and - to a real degree - a matter of taste.
thanx mapman & martykl

i agree 100% with both of you

mine is placed 2.8 feet to side wall and 4 feet to back wall..( all measurments from tweeter )