Merlin vsm mme owners, Cardas cabling Question.

HI, just purchased an used pair of merlin vsm mme,replaced my Von swheikert VR3, my Question is, why cardas cables are so critical for this speakers, had cardas cables before, speakers and interconnect, and heated the sound of those cables, very muddy and slow, bass all over the place,coulnt'pull them out fas enough,
my preamp is joulet electra 150mk11, and I'm really scare to spend $3000,or more on used cardas GR,cables,now I'm using KCI silk worm with analysis solo cristal I/C, sounds good, but a little thin, great midrange, but not full body sound, that I'm acustom to, what will cardas bring to the table , in this situation.

your coments wil be apreciated;


c, 6 moons never reviewed the speakers and only heard them at shows. since se's tend to be lower powered they were concerned about the boost freq and the demands on the amp at the boost plateau. even wavelength posed the same concern. se amps tend to sound rounder and smoother than others so i can see why you may prefer the sound without the bam. it may appear a little more defined, delicate and and less bodied but the additional definition is increased distortion and ringing in the hf. the same thing occurs at the other end of the spectrum. when ever out of band energy is reproduced it appears in the form of im distortion in the usable bandwidth. selecting a superbly recorded coral works will show this quality by smearing the layering and specific nature of the piece. when the bam is used it is profoundly more coherent, less complicated and real sounding.
i am grateful for the wonderful comments that you have made about my work. i am not trying to argue with you but a number of people have felt this way and in the end, changed their minds about the bam. you should reserve judgement knowing that virtually 100% of all the end users much prefer it in the system unless there is some compensating factor specific to their system.
enjoy your system.

bobby p
Yes - the Six Moons piece was an "Industry Feature", not a review.

I will keep an open mind with regard to the BAM, and at some point I will try the Master BAM.

Cellcbern :) you said that right....surely Merlins are the BEST "small room speakers" i agree 100%