Merlin VSM-MX

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My name is Roy Kristoffersen.

Im 30 years old and i listen to everything. Black metal, follsongs, pop, rock, jazz, hip hop, electronica you name it. So i needed a speaker which can play it all. Ane that is excactly what the Merlin VSM-MX does.

I bought this speaker used of Audiogon. I bought it in France - Europe. And i live in Norway - Europe. I have been an audio enthusiast for over 14 years and i have listened to a lot of speakers. My english grammar might not be that good so please be forgiving. 

There`s the intro for you, so let`s get to the review:

This is one amazing speaker! I fell in love with this speaker on my second listening round with them. I just could`nt believe that this speaker were so good. It just has it all! I have not heard any other speaker which can even resemble what the Merlin WSM MX can do. I have heard speakers so big and so expencive and many of them costing 3, 4 and even 5 times the amount of cash that Bobby at Merlin charges for his speaker. And non of them are that good in comparison.

The Merlin VSM MX is a small speaker in Hi-Fi terms, It is absolutely beautiful to look at. My pair comes in a grand piano black finish. The finish reflects the surroundings in the same way which as the music just flows right through it.

The biggest thing about the Merlins is that they do everything right. And that is over the entire spectrum in which it works in. They are so continuos over the entire frequency band its a bliss to listen to. One does not focus on treble, midrange ore bass. Non of that gets your attention. The music does! All the details are there, they are just not trown in your face. Its all natural and very listenable.

It has the smothest highs i have ever heard. It never gets bright or edgy,. It is just silky smooth, no grain or any other artifacts which a lot of us are accustomed to, with bad tweeters. It has great dynamics both in macro and micro terms.

The midrange is to die for! It is open and vivid. Varm and inviting. Presenting the music in an effortless way. It flows and is very natural. I do not think when i hear music through the Merlins I feel. I feel the soul of the music and the Merlins take you there. One of its finest qualities is that I forget about the system and just listen to the music.

The bass is incredible. Its smacks a a mighty punch for a 6 inch woofer. It is very tuneful. And it procesess rythm like you would never believe.

It also plays incredible loud without breaking up and becoming agressive. It just gets louder. And of cource more fun.

Is it the best speaker in the world? I don`t know cause i haven`t heard them all. But it is among the finest speakers that is out there! And why it is not more popular than it is, is a shame cause it is simply marvelous!

Plays music like you wouldn`t believe it
3D precence
Very relaxed
Very continuos

Might lack the latest slam for those who are craving bass freaks

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Audio Physic Virgo 3, Not used but listened to. Used to work in hifi shop. Audio Physic Avanti, Burmester 909, Martin logan, Wilson, Proac, B&W + many others

Customer Service
Bobby is one of the people in the world which i truly admire as a person, a salesman and as a designer of one of the most remarkeble speakers in the world.
He must have the greatest customer support there ever is. I have talked to him severeal times on the phone through email, and he has always been helpful with tips and recommendations. The support is unrivaled.
Roy, thanks for the great review. If you don`t mind, what are your matching components?
Hi Roy

I too have recently acquired a pair of VSM-M (Millenium version) in a trade. I got them sight unseen/unheard.

After hooking them up and spending 2 good sessions with them (they replaced Proac 3.5, and Sota Time Domains)I am very very impressed with the Merlins. I say this, even as they are not fully at their potential as unfortunatley the BAM batteries are not working so I am listening in the AC/Charge Mode. The person who traded them to me also did not include the Zobel Networks. I plan to have Bobby upgrade my BAM to the newest Super BAM specs, plus the the other party claims he will be sending me the Zobel network.

In their current state, they do have a realistic, natural presentation. I have heard details within recordings which I have not previously heard in my prior set ups. They image well, the only complaint I have is the depth of Soundstage.

They have taken over my main rig and I plan to fine tune them to maximize them via cabling.

All in all, I agree with your assement completley and am on the lookout for another pair

thanks for sharing...
My systems is:

Burmester 001 - Cd player with built in preamp
Adyton 3B signature - Poweramp(Forsell the Statement is built upon this gigantic norwegian amp)
Cardas Golden Reference - Interconnects
Nordost SPM Reference - Speaker Cable

Im soon going to change my Nordost Cables cause the Cardas is much better, More natural more full and more detail. And perhaps getting a tube amp after that.

Roy :)