merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?

Hi, Merlin vsm lovers

I use my merlin VSM in a room size of 12W*23L*9H -Feet
I wish my room was smaller to enjoy my merlins.

How big are your rooms ?
Thank you all for your inputs

I use my Merlin vsm MMe, Master BAM & Master RC,
AA Prestige SACD,
ARS Fila SE or Pathos Logos or Exposure 3010S2 pre/power (tonal quality is same in all three amps , all equally good),
all Cardas GR,
Equi Tech 2rqe.

Ars Fila SE does not have enough power to excite this room.
Pathos Logos = better drive than ARS Fila SE, but not enough
Exposure 3010S2 is best of all the three,but wish i had a little more power

OR a smaller room :)

I used to enjoy Fila SE in a small room before (10 feet *13 feet)
It seems you have answered your question, the amp doesn't have enough "drive" to excite the room and engage you as it did in your previous room. I went through the same issue when I moved to a larger room when I was using a 25 watt OTL with the VSM. You just need more power to fulfill what it is you feel missing. This is really subjective from listener to listener but amplifier power seems very much the issue in your case.

thanx tubegroover

Merlin vsm is known to be driven easly (89db 8ohms)
I think my room is still small :)
Merlins may require SS 175 watts or tube 60 watts to be driven well.

many many years ago when i buy a speaker , i look at the maximum watts recommended for the speaker by the manufacturer,
And used to buy a matching amplifier with more watts than recommended , and it used to work, i think its the same with Merlins.

Less watts will drive ,but not with full potential.

Or do i need a speaker with bigger/more driver in this room ?

I have positioned them

5 feet 9 inches apart, tweeter to tweeter,
2.5 feet from the side wall to side baffle,
52 inches from tweeter to the wall behind the speaker
and i listen from 9 feet

Any changes to be made ?