merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?

Hi, Merlin vsm lovers

I use my merlin VSM in a room size of 12W*23L*9H -Feet
I wish my room was smaller to enjoy my merlins.

How big are your rooms ?

thanx tubegroover

Merlin vsm is known to be driven easly (89db 8ohms)
I think my room is still small :)
Merlins may require SS 175 watts or tube 60 watts to be driven well.

many many years ago when i buy a speaker , i look at the maximum watts recommended for the speaker by the manufacturer,
And used to buy a matching amplifier with more watts than recommended , and it used to work, i think its the same with Merlins.

Less watts will drive ,but not with full potential.

Or do i need a speaker with bigger/more driver in this room ?

I have positioned them

5 feet 9 inches apart, tweeter to tweeter,
2.5 feet from the side wall to side baffle,
52 inches from tweeter to the wall behind the speaker
and i listen from 9 feet

Any changes to be made ?


I used to use small speakers in my listening room but in order to build up a satisfying sound pressure level I would have to play the system louder than what I might prefer for a given listening session. By adding a sub I could develop a pleasing sound pressure level while keeping the overall volume lower. I described it as the system having a fullness of sound at lower volume. If this is the issue you are trying to rectify then I'd suggest a sub. On the other hand if it is overall loudness in the mid and higher frequencies that is the issue then I would consider more power.
Thanx Reynolds, this is the problem = system NOT having a fullness of sound at lower volume

I really have to play it loud to get fullness of sound.

i guess its difficult to integrate a sub with Merlin & BAM