merlin vsm owners , what is your room size ?

Hi, Merlin vsm lovers

I use my merlin VSM in a room size of 12W*23L*9H -Feet
I wish my room was smaller to enjoy my merlins.

How big are your rooms ?

I have positioned them

5 feet 9 inches apart, tweeter to tweeter,
2.5 feet from the side wall to side baffle,
52 inches from tweeter to the wall behind the speaker
and i listen from 9 feet

Any changes to be made ?


I used to use small speakers in my listening room but in order to build up a satisfying sound pressure level I would have to play the system louder than what I might prefer for a given listening session. By adding a sub I could develop a pleasing sound pressure level while keeping the overall volume lower. I described it as the system having a fullness of sound at lower volume. If this is the issue you are trying to rectify then I'd suggest a sub. On the other hand if it is overall loudness in the mid and higher frequencies that is the issue then I would consider more power.
Thanx Reynolds, this is the problem = system NOT having a fullness of sound at lower volume

I really have to play it loud to get fullness of sound.

i guess its difficult to integrate a sub with Merlin & BAM

I am certainly no expert in the functioning of the BAM module but from what I was reading on Bobby's website I don't know why it would pose any particular challenges for integrating a sub into your system, and it may make it easier for all I know.

Here's how I used to integrate a Canton Ergo sub (now called the Sub 650 in the Canton line) into my system, and it's all done by ear. There are three knobs you'll fiddle with: (1) phase, (2) crossover point, and (3) volume.

1. Play some music that has some bass in it and adjust the phase until it provides the strongest bass.

2. Adjust the crossover point until you like where the sub kicks in. If the crossover point is too high, for example around 50Hz was too high for me, then the sub will kick in at too high a frequency, at least for my liking.

3. Once you start to home in on the crossover frequency that you like then increase or decrease the volume according to your tastes.

The Ergo sub had 45Hz as its lowest crossover point I believe, which was enough for me. I auditioned a smaller sub that had a 50Hz minimum crossover point but that was too high. The 45Hz minimum crossover point was always adequate for my needs though.

By adjusting the sub crossover point and the volume I was able to get the sub to provide a fullness of sound at lower volume but without calling undue attention to itself. I also liked the Canton sub because it was fast, certainly faster than the sub on our home theater system.

I don't know why the BAM module would alter that procedure, but if it did I'm sure Bobby P. would let us know and I would certainly heed his advice.

I had a REL storm 3 sub before in the same room. Some how did not like it.

Problem with bam is BAM will cut off frequencies below 30HZ. so what is going to SUB from amp speaker end is cut off below 30HZ.

Another option is i can use the Second OUT from CD player directly to SUB.Then i will get frequencies below 30HZ

I am open to try a new sub which is fast as merlin and has no port.